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Frederick S. "Bud" BROERMAN retired from Union Camp Corporation (now International Paper Company) January 1, 2000. Bud joined Union Camp in 1965 and conducted or directed research in a variety of areas intended to improve the productivity and profitability of corporate woodland holdings in the six southern states stretching from Virginia to Alabama. Research programs included pine and hardwood tree improvement, forest fertilization, soil-site classification, forest pest management, and all aspects of pine and hardwood silviculture.

His most recent position was Administrator of Project Development, which was created to insure that the appropriate technology was in place on all woodland holdings and functioning in a cost effective and environmentally acceptable manner. Other major initiatives included recognition of the importance of wood and chip quality factors in the pulpmill and sawmill, mill residue and by-product recycling, and evaluation of off-shore sources of fiber and fiber growing potential.

Throughout his career Bud chaired or served on most of the southern university-industrial research cooperatives, was active in and chaired the Southern Industrial Forest Research Council (AF&PA), and chaired the Fiber Supply Working Group of the Georgia Consortium for Pulp & Paper Research. Prior to his career with Union Camp, Bud obtained his BS degree in Forest Management from Iowa State University, served two years as an artillery officer at Fort Bliss, Texas, and obtained his MS degree in Silviculture and Soils from Iowa State. Bud resides in Savannah, Georgia and continues to serve the Pulp & Paper Research Consortium as technical advisor and consultant.

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