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26 Commerce Drive
North Branford, CT 06471 (USA)
Telephone: 203-887-9248

What we do

Interforest provides integrated solutions for natural resource enterprises and agencies. We solve organizational, resource and policy problems and create opportunities for clients seeking excellence in resource management.

Our services apply to:

  • Resource management strategy development and spatial planning (on the ground)
  • Organizational and leadership development
    (inside the organization)
  • Survey research and public involvement strategies
    (with important publics)

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How we do it

Interforest provides integrated teams of experts to help clients reexamine their goals, assess their current strategies to reach their goals, define gaps between current goals and reality, and create pathways to pursue excellence.

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Who we are

Interforest is an integrated network of senior scientists and managers that cover the full range of knowledge and experience applicable to natural resource management.

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Our vision

Interforest applies state of the art knowledge to help those who manage forests and related resources so forests are sustained and enhanced as global assets for humanity.

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